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Individual Therapy

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Our feelings of anxiety, depression and panic are often a sign that we are living in a way which is out of step with our own personal values. I believe that effective therapy involves empowering clients to cope with challenging situations. I seek to provide clients with insight and understanding about themselves and their lives to enable them to bring about lasting change. Key to this is the understanding that there are many things that happen to us that we cannot control, but that it is ultimately how we choose to view these things that is most important. I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place where we consider your choices at your own pace. Together we will examine your feelings and your values to gain a clearer sense of who you are and what you want to be. We build on your own resources to increase your self-confidence to live your life with a renewed sense of empowerment.

Walking Therapy

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Walking and running therapy is one of the fastest growing therapy methods in the UK and US. I offer client-led sessions which takes place outdoors, walking, running or sitting for periods according to your preferences. The experience of being outside, of forward-facing physical movement, can prove hugely beneficial for those struggling with stress, anxiety, anger issues or bereavement. It helps unlock reticence and releases energy which helps build a positive mental framework. Talking while running or walking helps to alleviate stress and anxiety as breathing is regulated and the body relaxes into the rhythm of movement. Sessions are held in Clissold Park N16 or Highbury Fields N5 close to my therapy rooms. In the case of bad weather you have he option to move the session inside to my therapy room. Please note that the focus of walking therapy is toward psychological well-being and should not be seen as a physical fitness session.

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Choosing to come to couple counselling is an important step in recognising that things have become difficult or unmanageable. Couple counselling requires both parties to enter into an honest and open discourse to recognise and reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. Relationship issues can cause significant emotional upset and harm for one or both partners and damaging patterns of communication and behaviour can sometimes feel permanent and unchangeable. Exploring issues with a trained therapist present can be extremely useful in helping the couple understand and address their problems. To look at unhealthy communication and learn to hear each other clearly can be extremely effective in helping clients to move forward in their relationship. Relationships, like life, never stay the same and engaging in couples counselling can provide a safe and supportive environment for both partners to come together, overcome difficulties and build confidence in their ability to change and grow.

Couples Therapy

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About Me

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I am a fully accredited UKCP psychotherapist with an M.A in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have been practising

since 2008. I trained in the Existential approach to Psychotherapy, which concentrates on our ability to create meaningful lives in the present moment. I also utilise CBT, the Person-Centred Approach and Mindfulness in my practice. My experience of therapeutic work has been gained in private practice, voluntary counselling work, and through various mental health services. Since 2004 I have also worked as a specialist mental health mentor, providing mentoring and counselling support for students with a wide range of mental health problems. I specialise in depression, anxiety, relationship problems, bereavement, anger issues, loss of sense of self, addiction, eating disorders, OCD and post traumatic stress disorder.

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My Fees

                                                                  PER SESSION                                                                                  


                                                                  Individual Therapy:                                          £70                                            

                                                                  Couples Therapy (per couple):                  £80                                             

                                                                  Walking Therapy:                                             £70                                            

Sessions last for 50 minutes

Where I am 
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Where I am

Contact Me

17 Statham Grove,

Stoke Newington,


N16 9DP

07949 674959

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Contact Me

Henrietta Palmer MA

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Walking Therapy
07949 674959

Are you feeling anxious or low? Are you finding day to day life a struggle? Are you feeling that your personal or professional relationships are strained or less fulfilling that you would like? I will help you gain greater understanding of your feelings and anxieties and will work with you to find a way forward. Feelings of anxiety, depression and panic are often a sign that we are living in a way which is out of step with our own personal values. I am a fully qualified UKCP accredited psychotherapist with a private practice on the Stoke Newington/Highbury border offering sessions in person or via Skype. I offer a safe, confidential, non-judgemental place where we consider your choices at your own pace.

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